preview: Game NB 22

preview: Game NB 22

Hi everyone :D

I was asking you what you want me to create next (approximately one year ago) ^^” … but well … I haven’t forgotten about it completely and now I have some free weeks to spend on it. So hopefully I will soon be able to present you a new game of mine. Here are your votes:

  • dating game (439 Votes)
  • “creating a doll with questions” game (431 Votes)
  • “how would our baby look like” game (390 Votes)
  • best friends dress up (385 Votes)
  • makeup game (246 Votes)
  • Jane Austen style dress up (221 Votes)
  • funny couple dress up (220 Votes)
  • pirate (girl) dress up (171 Votes)
  • godhead creator (94 Votes)
  • some Wallpapers (54 Votes)

Total Voters: 1,358


Here are some fast sketches I did on the new game and the possibilities you will have to choose from. Those aren’t the first sketches I’ve drawn for this project … but somehow I kind of lost the old ones ^^”


And here are 2 different visualisations for some lessons I’ve got during my studies for the last term. They should show how some girls on this side would try to use the new game and what kind of screens I want to use to let you decide about the doll, the clothes, the boy and the place you want your girl and boy going to meet on for their date. At the end I’m planning to add some kind of score / rating so that you will know how much the boy likes the place and the outfit you’ve chosen for your date …


So please wish me a lot of luck to finish this game soon :D I really really hope you will enjoy playing it ^^

With much love

:)  PinkBunnyLilli ^_^

PS: You can play the game here: Date them all !!! ;)