Spring Archive

  • Girl Power

    Girl Power

    // Choose the hairstyles and outfits for this hot new girl band. share more share more
  • Traveller Girl

    Traveller Girl

    // This girl likes to travel a lot, your task is to help her choose the right clothing for travelling...
  • Ghetto Fabulous

    Ghetto Fabulous

    // Hip-hop style has crossed over in a big way into mainstream fashion, and it’s all about having an outrageous...
  • Sweet Candy Style Dress Up

    Sweet Candy Style Dress Up

    // Melanie planned a fun party for her friends this evening. It’s a costume party, and everyone must look amazing....
  • Trendy Valentine Dressup

    Trendy Valentine Dressup

    // Valentine Day is coming up. This couple choose a special way to share their love on this day. Help...
  • All About Love

    All About Love

    // Alexandria is all about love! She has met a wonderful new boy and is daydreaming of him! She has...
  • Romantic Rainy Valentine

    Romantic Rainy Valentine

    // A sweet romantic dressup just in time for Valentine’s Day. Have fun with your creations and once you’re done...
  • Trendy Valentine Dressup

    Trendy Valentine Dressup

    // It’s Valentines Day and this girl has been invited to a party. Help her get dressed with something trendy...
  • Fashionable Wear

    Fashionable Wear

    // In this game you will be helping this girl get ready for her special day out with her new...
  • Dress for Dates

    Dress for Dates

    // Getting ready for a romantic date is no easy thing: so many chic tops, lovely skirts, stylish pants and...