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  • Summer Fashion On The Beach Dress Up

    Summer Fashion On The Beach Dress Up

    // Summer is the best season of all with its sunny days that call for a vacation. This beautiful and...
  • Elegant Summer Dresses

    Elegant Summer Dresses

    // Sky Breeze loves being by the ocean. She has a fun afternoon planned with some of her girlfriends to...
  • City Living

    City Living

    // Sky Breeze loves the city life. The busy streets, the fantastic shopping and of course fine dining with friends....
  • Summer Camp Trekker

    Summer Camp Trekker

    // Your a fashionable girl so why not take the fashion with you on a camping trip to the forest....
  • Sweet Sailor Girl Dress Up

    Sweet Sailor Girl Dress Up

    // Mary is not afraid of pirates. She just finished The Navy School and now she’s ready to explore the...
  • Swing Time

    Swing Time

    // Kick, swing, smile your summer days away with this adorable duo! share more share more
  • Ocean’s Princess Dress Up

    Ocean’s Princess Dress Up

    // From the foamy waters of the antique Grecian sea comes the most beautiful princess, daughter of Poseidon, the God...
  • Beach Bratz

    Beach Bratz

    // The 5 Bratz have hit the hot beaches this summer! Dress them all up so they can meet fun...
  • Summer Aroma Dress Up

    Summer Aroma Dress Up

    // This summer you are “dating” the Sun, and we all know that a perfect match needs romance and style,...
  • Trendy Summer Dress Up

    Trendy Summer Dress Up

    // Choose from lots of stylish and casual summer outfits and dress up this sweet girl on this wonderful sunny...