Poupéegirl is a sweet online platform for little dolls. So, poupee means “ doll” in French. This is my actuall dressed up doll PinkBunny:

poupeegirl fashion brand community

I “found” the page some years ago, but back then, it was comepletely in Japanese. Now, they have also englisch headlines and I was happy to be able to create a little doll on it on my own.

poupeegirl main page

On Poupéegirl you can upload pictures of your own clothes. You will earn some “shells” for it, the currency on the page. With those shells you can buy clothes and items for your doll to wear. Here is the kind of dressing room for your doll:

poupeegirl dressing up

You can also resell your stuff and buy the clothes of other dolls. Here is the place where the players exchange their shells and clothes. Every minute there are many new items, so you can really keep on shopping ^_^

poupeegirl shopping

The game is free. You can buy shells if your want, but you will also “earn” them while writing other players and uploading pictures.

I think it is much fun, I hope you like it too. Feel free to add me in the game … if you find me ^^” I have no idea how to find other players up until now :p