everyone please VOTE

everyone please VOTE


I’m doing some work for my final degree in computer sciences. Me and a fellow student are working on a Internet assistant who should guide children through websites and help them when they need help. It would be GREAT if you help me on deciding which character I should try to animate for this matter.

Which one would you like to have as a surfing pal on your side ?

You can leave your vote at the right sidebar. And I would also love to hear some comments if you have some.

The votings are over now… here are the results:

* 7. wobble (32%, 318 Votes)
* 1. girl and boy (32%, 317 Votes)
* 2. dog and cat (11%, 114 Votes)
* 4. bunny (11%, 111 Votes)
* 3. birdie (7%, 72 Votes)
* 6. weasel (5%, 47 Votes)
* 5. robot (2%, 21 Votes)

I will show you what I’ve made out of it when it’s ready ^_^