Doll Divine

Doll Divine


I found 2 new games on Doll Divine. I think both are great and I want to show them to you:

The first is a Japanese fashion game where you can style the girl in a Japanese way and in the end, put her on a magazine cover. I love the art-style of the game very much.
And the second one is a Pony Maker. I did not play much with them as a child but I really love this game, as there are so many different ways to mix up your own little Pony. I hope you enjoy both games !

doll divine bild 7doll divine bild 8

Doll Divine is a great self-made homepage of my friend Ola. She always makes beautiful dress up games with lots and lots of different possibilities to dress up the character. I really adore her games.
Here are some pictures of my favourite games on her site:

doll divine bild 1doll divine bild 2

The Rock Chick Maker is the newest game on the page. At the end when you have
your rocking chick ready,  you can even present her at the stage, performing.
The Hogwarts Maker is a great game too. Although I’m not into Harry Potter, I really like the game, because at the beginning you need to fill out a little questionnaire and then it gets decided which character out of the book you are. I got Hufflepuff but that does not say anything to me :p

doll divine bild 3 Idoll divine bild 4

I love the Kimono Maker because I like the Japanese culture and always wonders
how it would be like to wear a Kimono. This game also gives you some information about how to dress this styling, great !
And the Pirate Maker is a great game too, because everybody wants to be a pirate lady ones in a while, am I right ?

doll divine bild 5doll divine bild 6

The Warrior Maker lets you create your own wild warrior girl. There are so many possibilities to try out !
And last but not least, the Kitten Maker. Normally I often find it boring to style up pets. I love animals, but often such games have only a few possibilities and bore me quite fast. But this little cute kitty never gets boring. ;D

I hope you enjoy Olas games as much as I do and keep her visiting once in a while ^_^