• Personal Wedding Gown Stylist

    Personal Wedding Gown Stylist

    // You are a Wedding Gown Stylist and your job is to help your clients chose the right dress based...

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  • Stylish Gothic Bride Dress Up

    Stylish Gothic Bride Dress Up

    // Gothic fashion is all about being brazen and bending the regular norms of fashion ideas. A Gothic wedding theme...

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  • Wedding of the Year

    Wedding of the Year

    // Lots of stunning, extravagant wedding dresses, resplendent diamond jewels and sophisticated updos are waiting for you to pick them...

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  • Bride Dress Up

    Bride Dress Up

    // The limousine has arrived to pick up the bride and people down the wedding hall are waiting for the...

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  • A Perfect Wedding Kiss

    A Perfect Wedding Kiss

    // For this girl to have the perfect wedding everything has to be spot on! Since your in charge of...

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  • Big Wedding Dress Up

    Big Wedding Dress Up

    // This high society couple have to look astonishingly stylish at their sumptuous, luxurious wedding reception. Style up the two...

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  • Wedding In The Rain

    Wedding In The Rain

    // Weddings in the rain can either go better than a normal wedding or they can turn into a disaster!...

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