Fairy Tales Archive

  • Princess of Animals

    Princess of Animals

    // Dress this beautiful animal lover princess up and create a really glamorous look for her. share more share more
  • Angel Girl

    Angel Girl

    // Take a look at some out of this world fashion items and dress up this beautiful angel girl. Choose...
  • Baby Dragon

    Baby Dragon

    // Even though he’s only a baby, this dragon is already fashion concerned. Check out his cute accessories and clothes...
  • Fairytale Princess

    Fairytale Princess

    // This beautiful princess and her unicorn friend are having fun taking a walk through the magical forest. Dress her...
  • Cute Alice In Wonderland

    Cute Alice In Wonderland

    // Alice in Wonderland is back in style thanks to Tim Burton’s latest movie! In this manga-style kids’ fashion game...
  • Kissing Elf Kids

    Kissing Elf Kids

    // Dress up these cute enchanted elf kids as they share a special kiss! share more share more
  • Pretty Mermaid Dress Up

    Pretty Mermaid Dress Up

    // This pretty mermaid is relaxing on the beach under the sun rays. As a fancy mermaid as she is...
  • Wonderful Alice

    Wonderful Alice

    // Step into this fantasy, magical fairytale world and get ready to meet the loveliest and by far the most...
  • Flower Fairy

    Flower Fairy

    // Dress Up this super cute flower fairy. Have Fun! share more share more
  • Roslyn


    // Dress Up Roslyn for her dance at the castle with the fairy. Have Fun! share more share more