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  • Fairytale Princess

    Fairytale Princess

    // This beautiful princess and her unicorn friend are having fun taking a walk through the magical forest. Dress her...
  • Easter Bunny

    Easter Bunny

    // Fluffy and funny, Furry and friendly! The Happy Easter Bunny wishes you all the best this chocolate egg covered...
  • Bouncy Bunny

    Bouncy Bunny

    // This bouncy bunny needs a formal outfit for a ceremony he is going to attend tonight. Take a look...
  • Easter Bunny Dressup

    Easter Bunny Dressup

    // This fluffy cutie would be so grateful if you could help it redecorate its room and get it a...
  • Funny Bunny

    Funny Bunny

    // This funny bunny has just finished building a new house for himself, under the ground. To inaugurate this new...
  • Stylish Horse Rider

    Stylish Horse Rider

    // Mount your steed in style and gallop off into the sun with an ensemble that radiates elegance, class and...
  • Mama Bear

    Mama Bear

    // Dress up Mama Bear for her working day at home. share more share more
  • Animal Party Carnival Celebration

    Animal Party Carnival Celebration

    // You are going to throw an old fashioned party with an animal theme. You and your guests will dress...
  • Leona the Lioness

    Leona the Lioness

    // Dress up Leona the Lioness at the beautiful flower meadow. share more share more
  • Hippopotamus


    // Dress Up this funny hippopotamus for the spring day. Have Fun! share more share more