Yeah! Here is the new design!!!!

You will automatically be taken to the new site in some seconds.

If not, please click here: www.pinkbunnylilli.de

I hope we will have fun together in the future too !!


The last update is some time ago. Sorry for letting you wait,
but I'm planning on a new design, so that surfing this page get's easier
and maybe even more fun for you!
In the meantime you could visit my blog: www.luiseschroeder.com and
my new daily webcomic The PinkBunny at www.dailypinkbunny.com.

I hope you enjoy reading it!


Actually two new Games today, made for two special ocassions !!
Style Up for Wedding and Style Up for Prom

Both games were made for: Games96.com


Yay it's Easter time ! Can't wait for the colorful eggs ;)
I got a new game for you as easter present: Dress Up 17 and 4!

I hope you enjoy playing it! Can you make the perfect couple ?!


Finally the first game for the year 2009 !!!
I've called it Style up Kimmi, please ENJOY !

I've made this for the game site: Games96.com
Likely there will be more games for this site in the future.


The winners of my Contest are finally decided (that was tough :D).
And the DS Games are allready on the way to their new owners!
Don't be sad if you did not win, but I was verry happy about every single
participator. So I wish you all A HAPPY NEW YEAR 2009 !!!

Ah, and I finally found the time to update my photography-section.
I hope you enjoy my pictures :)


Finally it's there, the new Winter Game: play Christmas Market !

Remember, you can win one out of 10 Nintendo DS Games this time ;)
It's a little Christmas present from me and Ubisoft for you. So, good luck !!


Still Happy Halloween everyone !!! Here are 2 new pictures:
"Fiona" and "Fizzy Happy Halloween"

play Fizzy Halloween !

I've finished my Portfolio, maybe you like to take a look on it.

Last but not least, there will be a new game for christmas this year!
And as a special present you can win some Nintendo DS games by then.

So look forward to it!


Happy Halloween everyone !!! I've created my first Halloween Game:
Fizzy Halloween, I hope you enjoy it !

There is also a second new game you can play: Fashion Designer New York.
Although I did not created it myself, it's definitely worth playing !!


Here's a brand new game. I tried out a little different Style.
I hope you like it, it's called Style up Susan.

You can link to the page if you like my stuff!


Yay I finished the new game !!! Hopefully you all enjoy it! :]
This time you can dress up a little version of Me.

So please link to the page if you like my stuff!
You can also let me know what to make better the next time.


I've added a new pic to my gallery: "Dreaming of Holiday" =(^.^)=


I've added a new pic to my gallery: "Love Will Surprise You" :]


The Shop reopened: come and visit ! :]


I've added a new pic to my gallery: "the magic bird". Enjoy!


Yay !! I've finished my new Page Design ! I've named it "freshVersion".
I've added a section for photographies.Hopefully you enjoy!
If you want to take a look at the old Designs, click here !

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